Marble Magnets

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• Flat Marbles (1.5")
• X-Acto Knife
• Glossy Accents
• Flat Disc magnets
• E-6000
• Scrapbook Paper, Pictures, fabric, Printed Quotes, Printed Names, ect.


1. Decide exactly what you want on your marble. 
2. Apply Glossy Accents onto backside of the marble and place it on top of the image or area of paper your wanting. Rub the marble in a circular motion on the paper making sure the glue is completely covering and there are no air bubbles.
3. Let dry completely.
4. Take your X-Acto knife and cut around the glass marble making a smooth exact cut out. 
5. Use E-6000 and glue the magnet onto the paper back.
6. Seperate magnets while drying and let dry completely.
7. Feel Free to decorate the front with any embellishments, vinyl, or glass markers.
8. Enjoy!

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